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About Director
Col. Fatema Khalil Ebrahim,PhD(RCSI). FFNM,RCSI.MSc(RCSI).BSc(CHS).CNS(NUI)
Director of Nursing Administration
Nursing Directorate
Royal Medical Services
A word from Director of Nursing

We welcome you to the page of the Nursing Administration Department; it gives me great pleasure to share with you a brief overview of the Nursing Administration Department at the Royal Medical Services-Military Hospital. The department works to fulfill the mission of the Royal Medical Services, which aims to provide safe and high quality nursing care by a qualified nursing staff working in all clinical specialties, including: midwifery, obstetric nursing, intensive care and emergency Nursing, Pediatric and Neonatal Care, Operating Nursing, surgical and medical nursing, Dialysis, Community Health Nurse.

We in the department work as a team with full support from the top hospital management to implement all standard of nursing practice activities. Whereas, our nursing strategy is part of the hospital’s strategy, which aims to provide safe and high quality nursing services by qualified nurses in all clinical nursing specialties. The nursing staff at the hospital holds a diploma, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree in nursing and midwifery sciences.

In order to implement high-quality nursing care, the Nursing Department follows the quality standards of medical care in the Military Hospital, which is to monitor the application of many quality indicators in nursing practices. One of it the nursing care risk assessment and monitoring activities related to safety. The standards considered as an evaluation of the development of all nursing care services, from which a flowchart for all nursing care work (work process flowchart) been developed. Also, Nurse Bed Manager for coordination and distribution of patients to the wards been created: this role to distributes patients to the wards and monitors the admission and discharge of patients from the hospital.

In addition, the quality of providing clinical nursing care requires developing the nursing staff and keeping up with the new in the nursing profession. Therefore, the Nursing Administration follows a plan to develop and update the skills of the nursing staff through continuous internal and external training courses throughout the year. Note that we have qualified nurses who provide the training hands-on courses.

Finally, Nurses at Military Hospital are our source of pride, and we are keen to retain them in the service.