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  • Treatment of newborn babies with jaundice with phototherapy. 
  • Intensive care of newborn baby. 
  • Resuscitation of newborn in the delivery room and follow - up. 
  • Special care baby unit. 
  • Treatment of all general, pediatric conditions. 
  • Circumcision. 
  • Ear Piercing. 
  • Care and advice for feeding, growth development and vaccinations.

Pediatric Department of the Bahrain Defense Force Royal Medical Services offers comprehensive, coordinated and family-centered clinical care with the goal of supporting families in the promotion of children’s health and the prevention of childhood diseases. The Pediatric Department consists of three sections, which are: Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), Pediatric Wards, and Pediatric Clinic. 

Our NICU equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment including high-tech incubators, ventilators, and monitors; and cares for different levels of care:

Level I: Regular Nursery: here we care for healthy, full-term babies. We stabilize babies born near term to get them ready to transfer to mothers. 

Level II: Intermediate Newborn Care: we care for babies born at greater than 32 weeks gestation or who are recovering from more serious conditions. 

Level III: Intensive Newborn Care: we care for the sick and/or premature babies and offer the greatest variety of support, including mechanical ventilation, other advanced ventilation, Surfactant replacement therapy, sub-specialty consultations, and Surgical Care 

The second unit of our department is the pediatric Ward. Here we provide optimal and holistic care for sick children (from birth up to 14 years of age) and their families.  We believe that rapid and effective treatment can only be achieved with the contribution of parents and their participation in the elaboration of the plan of care to the child. And with alignment of this view, we encourage the mothers (or other caregivers) to room-in with the child while in the hospital. 

Our role is not only limited to treatment of sick children, but we strive to provide health education to prevent diseases and promote health. In the Pediatric Clinic we follow-up children discharged from the NICU and the Pediatric Ward, in addition to treating common illnesses, providing developmental screening and immunization. We believe strongly in the importance of working in partnership with parents and to prevent disease rather than treatment.

Our physicians and nurses are dedicated to provide exceptional care to our patients and to provide the support and resources necessary for parents to make the most educated decision about their child's health.