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Primary Health Care Faq

Q1: How can I get an appointment to the general clinics?

A1: Either through telephone on the numbers 17766287 or 17766900 or by walk-in to the clinic.

Q2: If I came just walk-in to the general clinic can I get an appointment for the same time?

A2: You are going to be evaluated by a triage nurse, and according to your condition and special criteria the triage nurse will decide either to give you an appointment for the shift or an appointment to next shift or day/s.

Q3: How can I get an appointment to the other clinics within primary health care department?

A3: Either through telephone or walk-in to the department.

Q4: If I came just walk-in to the mini-clinics (other than general clinics) can I get an appointment for the same day?

A4: No, you will be given a schedule appointment, except the staff clinic.

Q5: If I am a BDF employee, who can be served in PHC from my family?

A5: Your parents, wife, husband, and children.

Q6: How can I get a home visit care?

A6: through a referring PHC or secondary care physicians.

Q7: Anybody can get home visit care?

A7: No.

Q8: Who can get home visit care?

A8: Bed ridden patients, blind patients, patients with amputation of both lower limbs, and those who have difficulty with transportation to the hospital. Provided that those patients are living in areas near RMS like both Riffaa’s, Essa Town, Hamad Town, and Aali.

Q9: What about those patients who met the above criteria for home visits but are living in far areas like Muharraq or Manama?

A9: The BDF community health nurse will arrange home visits for them by the community health nurses of their local health centers of Ministry of Health.

Q10: What about the Mobile clinic?

A10: Follows the same rule of home visit care.

Q11: How can patients get their antimicrobial injection in OPAT clinic?

A11: By getting a referral including the detailed treatment information from their treating physician and bringing it to the clinic.

Q12: Who can get their antimicrobial injection in OPAT clinic?

Q12: Patients with stable condition, agree to be treated in this clinic, compliant patients, and have a transport to come to the clinic.

Q13: Who is going to supervise me during getting my antimicrobial injection in OPAT clinic?

Q13: a staff nurse, and if any problem arises during the treatment a PHC physician will deal with.

Q14: How can I get an ultrasound appointment for my pregnancy?

A14: The family physician who screens your antenatal care will arrange an appointment for you.

Q15: Do you provide any medical procedures in the clinic?

Q15: Yes.

Q16: What kind of procedures you provide in PHC clinics?

A16: Simple procedures like insertion of urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes, incision drainage of small abscesses, applying backslaps, insertion of intravenous cannula, dressing of wounds, suturing of superficial cut wounds, insertion of intrauterine devices as family planning, cautery of warts, removal of skin tags, and taking skin biopsies.

Q17: If my condition needs a major or a complicated procedure, what are you going to do as a department?

A17: Your treating physician will refer you to a concerned secondary care who will arrange the needful.

Q18: Do you have a laboratory in your clinic?

A18: Yes, but it is a mini-lab for simple investigation like finger prick checking hemoglobin and blood sugar, simple urine examination, and pregnancy test.

Q19: What if I need blood collection for certain investigations?

Q19: The staff nurse in the treatment room of the department will collect the blood if your condition is an acute& urgent. But if your condition needs further appointment and follow up you have to go to the collection blood area that is located inside the hospital.

Q20: What is the system in your department if I came late to my appointment?

A20: If you came late more than 15 minutes to your appointment time you have to get another appointment or to be evaluated by the triage nurse.