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Quality of Nursing Care

Quality of Nursing Care
Quality of Nursing Care:
Quality of care is a key component of the health, it is essential to deliver nursing care that meet quality criteria. Nursing administration develops standards of practice to achieve safe, effective, timing, efficient, equitable and nurse-centered providing patient care. Those standards are:
Nursing policy
Nursing work-flow chart
Nursing manual procedure Nursing orientation checklist guide
24-hour nursing report Nursing quality indicators
Nursing guidelines Nursing risk assessment of patient care
Nursing handover report Nursing Audits
In response to the Quality indicator manual, consist of six variables that affect patient care. These variables are being monitored monthly by an assigned nurse and reported to Nursing Administration quarterly. Variables are:
1. Medication Error
2. Patient Fall
3. Pressure Ulcer prevention& treatment
4. Staff satisfaction 
5. Patient satisfaction
6. Customer complaint, comment& suggestion
Nursing Policies and Procedures:
Nursing policies and procedures revised every three years and whenever there is any update in the clinical practice.
Nursing Documentation:
Nursing documentation updated into electronic documentation in-line with the hospital strategy of development. 
Student Nurses Affiliation:
BDF-RMS has become an affiliating agency for student nurses from the college of Health sciences (government agency) and Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland (RCSI-Bahrain) (private institution) with a degree of Bachelor Nursing (BSc Nursing). In addition, RMS school has a nursing school that graduate nurses with a degree of Associate Degree in Nursing (AD Nursing).
Nursing department has a major role of input in collaboration with other departments in obtaining the accreditation of Australian Council on Health Care standards (ACHS).