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Patients Responsiblities

Patients Responsiblities
  1. Show consideration for the rights of other patients and health care providers, by following the hospital rules concerning patient conduct and infection control.
  2. Be cooperative and follow the care recommendations given to you by your physician, nurse or allied health personnel.
  3. Notify your physician or nurse if you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.
  4. Notify your nurse of physician of any dissatisfaction you may have in regards to your care at the Hospital.
  5. Should not waste medical resources unnecessarily.
  6. To respect the hospital is a non-smoking zone.
  7. Keep appointments. If unable to do that, notify the hospital as soon as possible.
  8. Help maintain the hospital properties from willful harm or damage, whether inside or outside your room.
  9. Complete all forms requested by the hospital when having an operation, tests and in case you insist on discharge against medical advice.
  10. If applicable, accept and pay all your financial obligations associated with your care, admission or any other services.
  11. To treat hospital and & other patient with dignity and respect and not to conduct any activity that will disrupt the work of the hospital.
  12. To provide your health care provider with accurate updated information about:
  • Your health, including past illnesses, allergies, and use of medicine.
  • Previous admission from other hospital
  • Changes in your address and phone number