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Laundry Department at BDF Hospital was established in 1979 when its new premise was opened. In the beginning it was a small department with limited machines and staff. In 1983, during the expansion of the hospital to its 2nd phase, the Laundry was also expanded to its current size with increased machineries and more staff. Our Laundry got professional membership in the "International Fabric Institute" in 1996. 

A chemical store started to function recently. The Laundry Division receives used articles of clothing from the wards on a daily basis and replaces them with clean items on the same day. The Laundry also issues the requirements, such as blankets, pillows, linen and other medical needs of the various wards and divisions of the medical services. 

The division also provides steam ironing and sewing services for sewing and mending military uniforms and all service requirements such as cloths, napkins, pillows and small sheets used in surgery and wards.

Daily activities of the Laundry Department are as follows:

  • Counting and sorting of the soiled linen - 7.00 am to 11.00 am
  • Washing starts at 7.30 am till the entire linen are washed.
  • Four staff is working on Bowl Folder machine. They are doing bed sheets, cot sheets, draw sheets, pillow cases etc.
  • Every year, the work load is increasing and we are striving hard to meet this challenge successfully with limited number of staff.